Sunday, 5 January 2014

A Very Special Delivery...

Yesterday morning Mr. Postman knocked on my door and although I was dressed in my pink Christmas onesie, I answered. All embarrassment disappeared as I noticed the very exciting Debenhams package he was carrying and a cheesy grin took place on my face as I thanked him multiple times. He looked very confused. He wouldn't understand.

So the reason for my happiness is that something very exciting was inside. After taking off TWO bags and bubble wrap I finally made it to this box...

Eeeeee! I'm so glad this finally arrived! I opened the box for the first time and I wasn't disappointed.

The packaging is gorgeous as always, sturdy and beautifully coloured.

The palette inside almost made me swoon.
Colours from Left to Right:

My personal favourites? Buzz, Dust and Blackheart.

There's a lovely double ended brush included as well - Shadow (already used) and Crease!

But there was one more thing left in the box...

Four samples of their Eyeshadow Primer Potions. The Original one is a simple, invisible primer. The next one, Eden, is a nude colour. Sin is a shimmering formula for a spot of extra colour. And finally, Anti-Aging, which Primes and improves skin, according to studies. Each sample is supposed to last for a week, so this contains a month's worth of Primer Potion!

Overall, this is a simply stunning product and a great addition to the Naked collection. If you loved the others, I recommend getting your hands on this!

Have you tried anything from the Naked range?


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post!

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