Friday, 3 January 2014

Current LUSH Collection

Hi guys! Thought I'd fill you in on all the products I currently own from the wonderful world of LUSH. I must say I am not showing off in any way at all, all of these were gifts either from Christmas or from people who do not use them. Hope you enjoy it!

So this is everything I've got laid out all pretty for you. Here they all are in more detail.

(Left) Magic Wand bubble bar
(Right) The Comforter bubble bar

(Left) Golden Wonder bath bomb (full review here)
(Right) Candy Mountain bubble bar

(Left) Big Blue bath bomb
(Right) Avobath bath bomb

(Left) Blackberry bath bomb
(Right) Butterball bath bomb

(Left) Karma bubble bar
(Right) Unknown

Snow Fairy shower gel

(Left) Candy Mountain bubble bar
(Right) Father Christmas Bath Bomb

That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed it. What else should I try from LUSH? Have you got any views/favourites?



  1. nice :)

  2. ooh looks like you bought some lush things hahaha ;) xxx

    ( )

  3. This post has made me want to by so many more lush things! xx